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Kent Pole Fitness show this week!YAY! 
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Circle! xx 
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and this happened!


LOL at my face though… no chin but the biggest grin! 
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hahaha! Got bendy aisha! xx woop woop! xx
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HAHA! This is my boyfriend to a T! This has made my day… well done bear. 
2013? Okey doke….

I’m freaking out! I have not poled in about three weeks and I do not like it. Not one bit. 

2013 Aims (it feels so odd to put a 3 there…)

  • mid air shoulder mount.
  • perfect superman and make it quicker.
  • work on flexi stuff!
  • work on getting iron x… even if its a start for 2014!
  • work on a jumping shoulder mount.

I can’t think of any more…! 

eeep…. off to Pole dance dictionary for me it is!! 

Lots of love guys!! :D


Also Ben says Hi, (Bens my luverly partner)

I enjoy your blog, its cool that you're going to be sharing more. Your Pole pictures are awesome too. =) Do you have a boyfriend?

Hi! Thanks for the message anon! and yeah I’m excited to get more into the blog etc :) I like when I can get to know others through their blog, so its nice that I could do the same here. I love pole (did you guess?) 
I’m not sure whether you’re male or female anon, so not sure where the link is to blog, pole etc But Yes :) He’s wonderful to me.

Happy New Year!


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Just an old one that i edited :)
So Far!

Hi guys! SO So far since I started this blog its mostly been about pole and stuff with a few selfies thrown in. Howeer I’m starting to think that I’d quite like to talk to you guys, and put down somethings about me :) that way you’ll know where all the randoms are coming from! Don’t worry, not that much! and they’ll be short and sweet :) SO for Now,

Name: Rachel Emily

Age: 21

Education: LB Degree in Law

Work: Lifeguard and at Jones Bootmaker part time

Live: Canterbury

Poling for: 1 Year and 3 months :)

This is a picture of my gorgeous friend Kate and I at our 2012 Christmas Pole Meal :)

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on my goal list for future awesome things I should learn
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Here, have a RDJ stabbing his way through your dash with a sword.

*squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* it’s transparent!
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